National Texas Day - Why Abilene for business?

National Texas Day - Why Abilene for business?

You have all heard the saying that “everything is bigger in Texas”, but what actually makes everything in Texas better? According to a new survey of U.S. corporate executives,Texas was ranked the number one state for business. Texas proves to be worthy, noting this is the eighth consecutive time to be named the best since 1996.

Thanks to many key factors Texas was the favorite among survey respondents. Some of those key factors include having the most favorable tax climates, pro-business environment, and specified access to talent. Not only these factors, but Texas draws in small businesses that probably would not have survived anywhere else.

From, WalletHub released the Best & Worst States to start a business in, and you guessed it; Texas placed first. Texas is open to innovation that a small business may need to get started, or what a small business needs to expand. Thanks to a large population, and one that also works hard to serve minority entrepreneurs, Texas is able to put itself on the map with its diversified economy.

Where in Texas is a good place to bring your business once you arrive? A growing city named Abilene located in West Texas. Orion Mitchell, owner of Expressoak, LLC, said “moving to a new town and launching a start-up business in the midst of a pandemic has definitely had its challenges. Thankfully, with the help of Abilene Chamber of Commerce, Expressoak has received tremendous support in unthinkable ways. The ability to bounce ideas off a 100+ year old establishment that’s witnessed unprecedented change this year, cannot be measured.” Thanks to the commitment the Abilene Chamber of Commerce has with the business community, businesses are able to thrive and expand here.

In addition to the business opportunity in Abilene, here are the top ten reasons to live in Abilene: more home for the money, lifelong learning opportunities, a spirit of community, lower taxes, energy center, a lively downtown, shorter commutes, low cost of living, sports & recreation, and commitment to Dyess AFB. Thanks to websites like and you will always find opportunity here.