Cultivating Abilene’s economic ecosystem


An affiliate of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, the Abilene Industrial Foundation (AIF) is a public private partnership between the Development Corporation of Abilene and the Abilene business community. The AIF works to cultivate Abilene’s economic ecosystem through entrepreneurial services, business retention and expansion and downtown development. The AIF also serves as a liaison between education and business to help shape the future of our Abilene workforce.


Incorporated in 1962, the Abilene Industrial Foundation (AIF) is a storied, long-standing private sector-driven economic development arm of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. One leg, as it were, of a three-legged stool that included the City of Abilene and the Development Corporation of Abilene to bring the balance.

Jobs Retained since 2016

New Jobs since 2016

Million In New Payroll

Million in New Investment

Abilene’s Public Private Partnership

A number of organizations work in collaboration to promote and sustain economic development in our region

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It has been an honor to join a group of dedicated community leaders who are actively working to grow and develop our business communities. Through training programs, entrepreneur resources, and business outreach initiatives, the AIF is creating a support network that will aid and grow our local businesses for years to come.

Elizabeth McVey Taylor Electric Cooperative

The Abilene Industrial Foundation, an affiliate of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce has played an active role in the economic development effort on behalf of Abilene.  Partnering with the Development Corporation of Abilene, to form the Develop Abilene Team, the AIF focuses on business retention, business expansion, workforce development, retail development and talent development.  The goal is to help create a very desirable environment where entrepreneurship not only starts, but also thrives, making Abilene a top of mind desired place to grow.

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